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Process Simulation

Process Simulation

IOECC is the exclusive representative of EAST101 in Iran and the Middle East. EAST101 is a worldwide well-known company in providing special process engineering solutions using simulation softwares such as HYSYS, UniSim, OLGA, PIPENET etc. as well as simulation training courses.

The services that can be provided by PTA via its partner EAST101 are as follows:


Dynamic Simulation

East 101 specializes in performing dynamic simulation studies for:

  • Validation of process performance
  • Control strategy design and validation
  • Process optimization
  • Operational troubleshooting

Specialist Analyses:

  • Centrifugal compressor surge
  • Liquid slug management and control
  • Instrumented pressure protection and HIPPS
  • Heat exchanger tube rupture
  • Liquid surge and water hammer
  • Multiphase pipeline flow assurance
  • Integrated multiphase pipeline and facilities modelling
  • Production monitoring

Steady State Simulation

  • Conceptual Design, FEED and Detailed Design Studies
  • Revamp and Debottlenecking
  • Process Performance Monitoring and Optimization


Dynamic and Steady State Engineering Studies

  • Natural Gas Processing Gas Treatment and Separations. Separation improvement, debottlenecking.
  • LNG, Cryogenic Exchangers, Mixed Component Refrigeration Systems
  • Refinery:
  • CDU, VDU, Stabilizers, Recovery
  • Conversion units
  • Heat Exchanger Network Modeling and Heat Integration
  • Complex Distillation
  • Reactive, Azeotropic
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization


The Project Lifecycle

Most projects in the oil and gas industry follow a set lifecycle; with specific services required in each step to ensure smooth delivery. East101 is committed to aiding you throughout your company’s project lifecycle by providing you with technical solutions tailored to your needs.

Operational Assistance

We provide:

  • Operator Training Simulator (eOTS) solutions, backed by dynamic models
  • Process Analytics -Performance monitoring applications
  • Custom software development for novel processes

FEED Support Solutions

  • Rapid deployment of small FEED projects

Production Asset Management

Digital Oilfield Solution -Field Wide Production Forecasting


  • EAST101 presents training courses for simulation of hydrocarbon processing:
  • Steady State Topics in Gas Processing
  • Steady State Topics in Oil Refining
  • Steady State Topics in Petrochemical Processing
  • Topics in Dynamic Simulation